Design Process


The design journey to a unique and individual garden will vary with each scheme, but there are key steps that structure and guide the design process as a whole.

Initial Visit and Consultation

This is our first opportunity to meet and discuss your new garden.
It allows me to go through your specific requirements and to get an understanding of your personal design tastes and ambitions for a unique outdoor space. I will then structure a personal outline brief and once approved, this will form the basis for all future design work.

Site Survey

A survey of the existing garden is essential in the formulation of a new design scheme. It outlines the precise position of your house, all perimeter boundaries and any level changes that need to be considered when constructing a design plan.
In the case of small gardens, I will undertake this personally but larger and more complex sites will require a professional landscape surveyor. I am always happy to make a recommendation.


This is an outline proposal for your garden.
I will use a variety of mediums, from hand drawn sketches to CAD illustrations, to produce the plans, perspective drawings and supporting visuals that will show you how the finished garden will look.
These are very much ‘working drawings’, which will allow us to talk through ideas and make any desired changes before more detailed plans are initiated.

Detailed Design

Once the Masterplan is approved, complete Layout plans are produced together with detailed construction drawings and itemised planting plans.
This comprehensive package allows contractors to quote accurately for the set out and build of your garden.


Two or three contractors are contacted to obtain competitive quotes and I meet with each on site to answer any queries. I will only recommend reputable contractors who are known to deliver work of the very highest standard.

Project Monitoring

Whilst it is the contractors’ responsibility to manage the build of your garden, I will conduct regular site visits to make sure that the garden progresses according to the approved plan, the correct scope of works and in line with the agreed schedule.


The plans I produce, will show the detailed placement of existing planting as well as new specimens chosen for your garden scheme. I will specify and source all plant materials from reliable nurseries, making sure they are of the finest quality. I will be present on all major deliveries and will personally undertake the setting out of all planting.

Ongoing Maintenance

Once the garden is complete, I will produce a Maintenance Schedule to help you care for your new outdoor space.
The first few years are vitally important to a gardens successful establishment and therefore I am happy to recommend professional maintenance teams, should you not feel up to the task yourself.