This is me as a toddler, typically more interested in the pansy that I’m holding than the pristine outfit I’m wearing. Over the years nothing has changed, except now I’m happiest dressed in cargo pants and T- shirt, trowel in hand, with a tray of violas to plant.

Growing up in suburban South London, my siblings and I played happily in a garden filled with an eclectic mix of trees, plants, flowers and vegetables. In a garden that broke all the rules, exotic cannas, sherbet scented iris, oleanders and agaves, prickled and jostled between the beetroot, gherkins and garlic, destined for my mother’s Polish kitchen.

It was an enthusiastic mix that triumphed in its design statement brilliance. It also proved to be the greatest single inspiration for me to garden myself.

That love of gardening remained with me as I went on to study Theatre Design at Central St Martins and then to work as a freelance designer. It was there when I diversified to work within the interiors industry and finally surfaced, never to be suppressed, when I was repeatedly asked to work on friends’ gardens.

At that point, I began to consider the possibilities of making a lifelong passion into a new career.

So with brave heart and ever practical head, I decided to retrain as a garden designer and recently achieved a Distinction in my Garden Design Diploma from the London College of Garden Design.

Throughout my design career, I’ve always aimed to create environments that have an atmospheric quality and a cohesive sense of place. Just as my childhood garden holds precious memories for me, I feel that any garden I design, should provide similarly happy and lasting memories for my clients.

Design Studio

Whether your outdoor space is a precious urban postage stamp of something a little bit larger, I am here to make your personal dream garden become a reality.

I provide a complete service and will work with you to create a design scheme that not only reflects your personal tastes and individual style but also fulfils, all your practical requirements.

My design studio is based in London but I am happy to work across Southern England and further afield if requested.

Please feel free to contact me with any garden or landscape based project enquiries.